10 Useful Human Geography Dissertation Topics You Have Never Seen Before

Human geography is an exciting and evolving topic. Anyone who is researching in the field and is in need of some unique human geography dissertation topics that no one has ever seen should keep reading…

If you cannot come up with a topic on which to write and need some suggestions take a moment to peruse the options below. See if any of these assignments stand out or if they strike up your imagination in any way:

  • Write about the geography of regional integration along a local river or write about new geographical tests for a hydraulic thesis
  • Discuss the importance of protecting natural diversity in your area or discuss the historical geography of hot springs in a particular state and how these fountains of health became central health spots for local populations
  • Write about the micro-regional geography of a particular island
  • Write about the pollen evidence that exists for a particular climate change in your area
  • Discuss the culture and the habitat of a mountain range or the role that wood plays in the economy of a local wood-based state
  • Discuss the oyster industry of a coastal region
  • Write about the progress of community gardens in America or your particular state
  • Write about the agriculture of a particular island
  • Talk about early human occupation of a particular set of island chains
  • Talk about second homes inside of national forests and how recreational land use can changed

All of these topics are exciting concepts that have emerged within the field of human geography. If you are writing your dissertation and you have found that the list above of new and exciting topics inspires you then you have taken the first step of many required to write your dissertation. Now you have to take some time to set up your work schedule and begin the process of researching items related to your topic. Keep generating ideas of where you want your paper to go and make sure that the topic you have selected is approved by your advisor and your dissertation committee before you start to dive into the research waters with everything you have. Even if a proposal is not required before you start writing it may be best to submit one to your advisor anyway and ensure they know you are on the right path.