Fifteen Successful Topic Ideas For Creating A Graduate Thesis

Creating a graduate thesis can be a very exciting time for students. After years of studying in college, students are about to reach the culmination of their academic career. Before the student can graduate, they need to pass their dissertation and their oral defense. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but it it is possible. IF students are smart, they will pick a topic that they enjoy because it will make it simpler to spend all of the long hours writing the document.

How Can Students Find a Good Topic?

One of the most common questions that students ask is how to choose a topic. There are several different factors that students should look for in a topic. Initially, they should consider the originality of the topic. In addition, the student will need to make sure that the research is available for them to actually research the thesis statement. This topic should also make sense within the current state of the field.

Since creating a topic for an essay is never easy, students can always read through some of the following ideas. Obviously, these ideas may need to be modified to suit specific subject areas and classes. Students can use these exact thesis statements, or they can try changing them up a bit.

Master's Thesis Topics

  1. Normally, countries that are blessed with an abundance of natural resources like oil are able to become wealthy. In Uganda and the Congo, the opposite of this happened. Why do some nations actually have a resource curse instead of a blessing?
  2. Does a specific pregame diet help to improve athletic performance?
  3. In Europe, there are worker strikes that stop planes from flying or tourists from checking in at hotels. Why do strikes occur on such a broad scale in Europe, but not in the United States?
  4. Is there research to support the belief that substance abuse is a disease? Psychologists and doctors believe that substance abuse is a mental illness. What evidence supports this belief?
  5. Economically, is it better to tax drugs to pay for rehab or just outlaw drugs completely?
  6. What caused the Founding Fathers to believe that a democracy was even possible?
  7. How have viruses like HIV or Ebola affected the economy of Africa? Have these diseases made it more difficult for African nations to enter the industrialized world?
  8. How does the creation of a census allow nations to form a middle class and keep track of their population?
  9. When a multi-national corporation invests in a third world country, does it actually help? Are globalized corporations a force for economic good in developing nations or are they hindering the nation's progress?
  10. How do nations that lack a standing army keep from being invaded?
  11. Is substance abuse more prevalent in lower socioeconomic groups? What could some of the possible reasons for this be?
  12. Tuvalu is a small nation that is sinking under water due to global warming. What are some of the politically viable options that residents will have when their homes are completely submerged?
  13. Are roadways or the telecommunications industry more important to the economy?
  14. What are some of the more creative ways that nursing homes can manage dementia patients?
  15. Are genetically modified foods actually dangerous?