Fresh Ideas for Advertising Dissertation Topics

Working on your dissertation may be hard, but advertising is a very interesting subject to study. You learn more about products and companies, people and their needs, selling techniques, and marketing. Though advertising is an age-old activity, one can pick from numerous fresh ideas for a dissertation topic. The categories below will inspire you and help you come up with a great research topic.

History of Advertising

Nothing in this world lasts forever. People shift their habits and learn new things, and therefore the advertising traditions develop as well. The advertisements that were popular thirty years ago are quite different form modern examples. It is interesting to find out:

  • Why have the marketing strategies changed?
  • What influences marketing effectiveness today?
  • How did cultural evolution contribute to the evolution of advertising?
  • Why do political changes affect advertising techniques?

You might also consider possibly conducting your research on an outstanding professional in the field. Pick an interesting person, e.g. a marketing manager in a big company, and learn his or her strategies and models of work. Prepare a comprehensive analysis and come up with a list of recommendations towards making advertising more effective and less expensive.

Art in Advertising

Advertising is designed to attract people’s attentions. Therefore, it is not surprising that professionals often use art in marketing activities, and some advertisements become art pieces on their own. The dissertation topics may be devoted to a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Mass media and art.
  • What is considered as a piece of art, and how can it influence people’s minds?
  • How are paintings and sculptures used in advertising?
  • What is the most successful art in advertising?
  • What is the role of celebrities in an advertising strategy of a particular company?

The Role of the Internet

Today, you can hardly name a company that does not use the Internet as a powerful advertising tool. Hundreds of successful advertising campaigns are launched online. Millions of websites show their visitors banners and advertising links; there is a good reason for this. Online advertising helps reach millions of prospective customers, and it does not cost a fortune. Narrow research topics might include the following:

  • How do Web advertising demands change?
  • Why don’t customers treat online advertising with distrust?
  • What skills are necessary to have if you are an advertising professional in the digital era?
  • Why is online advertising less effective in Arabic countries?
  • How do people respond to different kinds of online marketing?