Crafting A Dissertation Proposal: How To Stand Out

       Creating a dissertation proposal as a graduate can be stressful and overwhelming, but what if you could make it fun by turning your dissertation into a play to display what you learned?  A dissertation proposal is the first step in preparing for your paper and using new ideas is one of the first steps to writing a dissertation.  

What Is A Dissertation Proposal?

A dissertation proposal is what you present to the committee for approval for a dissertation.  Though this is not as long as a dissertation, you still have to do research to back up you proposal so you can get it approved.  The proposal should include many items that most papers include such as:

  • A title page:  This will be the first thing that they look at and is the first time they will read your idea; so make the title clear and relevant.
  • Abstract: This summarizes all of what the reader is going to read and shouldn’t be more than three hundred and fifty words.
  • Introduction: This part tells those that read your paper what the writing is trying to prove and what the you are going to do to prove your theory.
  • Statement of the problem:  Here you will state the uncertainty of the problem with your field of study.  This part takes your topic and show holes in previous research.
  • Background of study: This is where you find a link between what you want to prove and what has already been done before.
  • Research questions or hypotheses: Here you state what questions you want answers to in your research.
  • Methods and procedures: This is where you break down what you will be doing to get the answers to your questions. 
  • Limitations: Here you outline where you might find holes in your research that will affect the final outcome of the paper.
  • References:  Cite research.

         Now you know how to write the proposal, how would you turn that into a play?  Simple just take the paper as I outlined it and turn that into a play for your presentation.  You can learn how to format on online and there are some great books that you can get for cheap that can help you, I recommend, You Can Write A Play! By Milton E. Polsky.  Presenting your proposal like this will make it fun for you and for the committee that you are showing it too.  Plus if you make it fun it won’t seem like so much work