Unique sample of a Doctoral dissertation: One can find it in libraries

Thousands of dollars and years of studying, test taking, and research papers, it’s finally time for you to complete the biggest paper of your life: the doctoral dissertation.  Each and every assignment that you’ve done has led to this paper.  It’s the combination of your entire educational career; and every pressure is on you to make it the best you can, aka perfection.  

How can one make it perfection though? There are many aspects of the doctoral dissertation that a student has to know, and that can be found from a dissertation advisor.  Another way to see what a dissertation should contain is to go to your schools library and look at their copies of prior student’s dissertation.  

Universities will keep a copy of their student’s dissertations. Most of the time they are not available for check out, meaning you must go to the library to look at them.  But since you’re not the freshman anymore, the library and you are most likely on friendly terms. Finding the dissertation shouldn't be too much of a task, asking a librarian will be the easiest way of finding the section, then all you must do is look through them.

See list to know what is ideal to look for in these dissertations. When it comes time for you to add up everything you’ve learned and create a dissertation on a part of it; find examples that will help you complete the task.  Finding the unique dissertation in the nooks of your own school's library may surprise you.  But if you search through the criteria that we've provided you, the chances are that you'll find something that is gold in your eyes and will help you along with your own personal doctoral dissertation.


  • Look for the doctoral dissertation on the subjects you don’t expect to see.  The subjects that aren’t the everyday norm.  These unique subject can lead to you a unique dissertation that will show you a way to complete yours.
  • Look for the doctoral dissertations that are on topics that you have chosen to as topics for your paper.  This way you can really see how other student laid out their work and you can determine if that is a way that would be helpful for you.  This is also good because you can then take their basic layout/format and adjust it for you and the paper you are crafting.
  • Look for a paper that has a flair; something that makes it stand out.  When a paper stands out against the others then it will be more compelling for others to read it.