Academic Help: PhD Creative Writing Programs

Graduate level creative writing programs are available online and at universities across the country. While Master's degree programs online are fairly commonplace, PhD work is usually still conducted at the educational facility itself, in close consultation with a course supervisor. PhD creative writing programs are usually undertaken following several years of undergraduate work.

If you have started working towards a PhD in creative writing and are feeling a little overwhelmed, you may be wondering where you can go for academic help. Here are some ideas that may assist you in getting the helping hand up you require.

Academic Help Resources At Your Institution

Online academic help services are available, however they may not come cheap. Some free sites are available that can give you tips on how to get your dissertation going and keep it on track. However, there are other options available at the university as well.

Meet With Your Course Supervisor

Consult with your adviser as soon as you begin having difficulty with the course work you have taken on. Taking immediate action in any academic situation in which you feel you are falling behind is critical. The situation will never get better before it gets worse! The further you fall behind, the more difficult it will be to catch up and the more frustrated you will feel.

This is especially true in a PhD program. There is considerable pressure to come up with original, top quality research and writing. As much of your work is self-directed, you must keep motivated. Your course supervisor may be able to provide some one on one academic help, or he or she may be able to suggest another expert in your field with whom you could consult.

Arrange A Study Or Discussion Group

Everyone who is working towards their PhD has times when they feel discouraged. There are no doubt others in your faculty that at times struggle with their own course work. See if you can arrange an informal discussion group, or even a night at the pub to get together and talk.

Hopefully, there are ways that you can work with your peers in such a way that everyone's work sees improvement. Even if you don't get the academic assistance you were hoping for, sometimes it helps knowing that there are others out there facing similar challenges.

If you feel you could benefit from hiring an online writing service or assistant, there are many businesses and individuals prepared to provide academic assistance. Be prepared to pay a fee, as there are few academics that will work for free!