Creating Good Dissertation Titles On Leadership: Helpful Guidelines

Leadership is not an easy concept to write about. Of course, in theory it’s simple, but as you advance in your work you will notice that there are many aspects that you did not consider at first. If your dissertation is on this topic, you must start reading about this concept a few weeks before you write. In this way you will have a clear image and good knowledge. Every element of your dissertation is important, including the title, so you must pay attention when you write it. These helpful guidelines will help you create an amazing title:

  • Don’t write long sentences instead of a few words. I know that leadership is such an interesting topic that you want to express as much as possible in your title. Even so, you can not use more than a few words, otherwise no one will have patience to read it. When we see a dissertation, we will read the beginning only if it’s short and somehow catchy. If there are two sentences, we will move along.
  • Don’t use complicated terms. It does not matter what the topic is; you are never allowed to use terms that others might not understand. If they are relevant to your subject, you can use them in the dissertation itself, and explain them at the same time. If a reader will see a title like this, he will not be interested in any way to read your dissertation because the topic will not sound familiar to him.
  • Make sure it is connected to leadership. If this is your primary subject, you need to make this obvious from the first words. You can create all kind of expressions that contain this word, or anything relevant to it. This will make your dissertation stand out for anyone who is interested in this particular idea. If the title is not relevant for the content, your professor will assume that you did not take your time to create it.
  • Try to make it appealing for any reader. And by this, I mean to use some words that will make your dissertation more mysterious. You can use expressions like “the truth about “or “the secret of”, because these kinds of expressions will make readers curious. Besides, they are easily understood by anyone. If you pay attention for a few minutes, you will create a great title!