Winning tips on how to write dissertation proposal

Regardless of the amount of time you dedicate to research and writing it will not amount to great writing if you go about it in the wrong manner. If you try and dedicate an entire day to research and writing it will strain your mind and you will not be nearly as productive as you would be if you were to apportion smaller blocks of time each day.

  1. Do not let yourself get caught up in the monotony of studying and reading one subject for one part of your paper for an extended period of time. If you do this the subject will become dull and you will find it more difficult to concentrate on the subject at hand. Instead try and mix up your tasks a bit in order to keep your mind attentive. Do not worry about doing all of your literary background in one sitting. Instead mix in some literary background writing with some edits to your introduction followed by some time formatting your paper.
  2. Two hours is an appropriate amount of time to spend intensively researching or writing. You will get the same quality and quantity of work if you dedicate two hours of intense work to your subject compared to an entire day of arduous and strung out work.
  3. By doing this you can also handle any issues that may arise such as a slow internet connection one day after a storm that slows down your literary downloads or research. If you go about your paper a little bit at a time you can have alternatives established in case issues like this arise. Keep a library study hall or a local café as your plan B and C in case something should go wrong. Save a hard copy and virtual copy of your work in your email account so that you can use a library or public company and access any work or documents you have at any time. This will protect you against valuable time lost in the event of a computer crash or system shut down. It will also keep your work flow moving.
  4. Another tip when writing is to figure out your particular peak work time or the time during which your mind works to its highest capacity. Some people work better straight away in the morning while others needs a few hours of coffee before they work mid-afternoon. Still some people prefer working in the middle of the night. Whatever works best for you should be the time you allot to your work and everything else you do should be scheduled around this time.
  5. Find a place where you can write and research without any distractions. Try and use this place as your primary workspace during your peak work hours so that you can be at your most productive level.