Creating An Excellent Doctoral Dissertation In Musicology

Creating an excellent doctoral dissertation in musicology is easy because you are normally provided the directions or guidelines by your instructor or advisor. However, most students may still get confused even after receiving the guidelines. This should not be a problem because there are dozens of resources that can help you complete the study effectively.

The internet is a great place to begin with because it contains numerous valuable academic resources. The best places to find excellent directions or guidelines on how to create a good dissertation include university and college websites that offer musicology courses. These online resources can provide you with accurate and reliable information on how to go about creating an excellent doctoral dissertation in musicology.

General Guidelines

Some of the general guidelines for creating an excellent doctoral dissertation in musicology are highlighted below.

  • Chapter 1: the first chapter of your study should cover the importance and purpose of the study in the subject or field. This section of the paper should be strong and straightforward. If you fail to make it strong, the rest of the paper will not be unified.
  • Chapter 2: the second chapter of the paper is the literature review. This includes everything you have learned while conducting research about the topic. This section is not a summary of the research. In this section, you need to discuss and analyze the knowledge gathered while conducting research and how it has assisted you in answering your research question or solving the research problem.
  • Chapter Three: This section covers the methods that you employed in gathering information about the topic. In this section, you have to explain all the methods you used including experiments, surveys, interviews, and observations.
  • Chapter 4: This section contains a discussion of all your findings from the research you conducted in order to gather new knowledge about the topic. This section also includes a discussion on the relationships or associations between the variables you tested while conducting research.
  • Chapter Five: This section should form part of the discussion of your study. In this section, you need to discuss about the significance of the study and the implications of the study in the field as well as in research. You also need to discuss why you conducted the study on your particular topic and the importance of knowing this in the field.

Besides these sections, it is important to consider other essential parts when creating an excellent doctoral dissertation in musicology. These include the title page, table of contents, references, acknowledgements, and dedication.