I Need Help With Writing My Dissertation

Writing a dissertation can be an exciting, as well as, a scary time. You are finalizing your academic career and looking toward your employment and career opportunities. You want this paper to be 100% perfect. There are many places you can go to for helping in writing your dissertation.

Campus Writing Labs

For help in smoothing out paragraphs and checking grammar, the school writing lab would be a nice place to start for help. You should take your rough draft with you when you go for help. The lab is not a good place to go if you need large amounts of help in actually composing your paper.

Writing Tutors

You can hire a writing tutor to help you write or correct the rough draft. Some tutors will actually help with the research process also. You would want to schedule at least two appointments a week, as continuity is very important. This is going to be a long-term project, so plan on working with the tutor for a while. Additionally, you should work with the same tutor, since you do not want to have to explain what your vision is to a different tutor every time you meet them. A writing tutor for an entire dissertation process will be quite expensive.

Graduate Assistants

Some graduate assistants are willing to act as a writing tutor for you. You do need to make sure that hiring a graduate assistant, as a tutor does not break any college rules of ethics.

Professional Writers and Professional Writing Companies

Some people and companies will actually write your paper from beginning to end. If you ask them, they may also be willing to help with research, too. You would want to provide as much research as you can because this research helps dictate your visions and ultimate paper goal Ask to see the work as it progresses, as well as ask to see the rough drafts. If you will want edits, that may be an additional charge from the freelancer, so clear this up before you hire y our professional writer.

Before you seek help for writing your dissertation, determine how much control you are willing to relinquish and exactly how much you want from your help. The different locations for help provide different degrees of help. Always make sure you are working with a professional, check their reviews, and ask for samples of their work.