It’s worth doing the extra effort to make a really superb thesis

10 Secrets To Creating A Strong Thesis

A lot of your academic career rides on your thesis paper, so doing it right the first time is essential. When you formulate a strong thesis, you have the ultimate foundation for a strong paper. It needs to be tight, precise and focused.

  1. The thesis statement is an integral part of your essay. It’s considered to be the central argument. It goes in the first paragraph, usually at the end so it is right before you start the body. If your thesis is very long and the introduction is an entire chapter, place it the most strategically.
  2. Thesis statement is not a statement of fact but rather an argument or claim. Something you will be attempting to support through your research.
  3. The strength of your thesis statement determines the strength of your paper. If one is weak the other will be also. Your interest and knowledge about your topic should be reflected in your thesis.
  4. Make sure you are passionate about your thesis and the passion comes out in your words. Use scholarly diction and stay away from slang. Yet make sure the thesis is concise.
  5. This is probably the most difficult sentence of your entire paper. It states the purpose of the paper and thus controls everything. It must not be a weak argument. Make sure it has definite direction.
  6. State it correctly. Make sure it is not ambiguous or can be confusing to any reader.
  7. Your thesis should clearly take a stand. It explains to the reader what you intend to present and discuss in your paper. There should not be any room for error.
  8. The thesis answers a specific question. It is your guide or marker for explaining to the audience how you are planning to support your argument. The entire body of the paper hinges on the thesis.
  9. Keep the language of the thesis sounding firm as well and definitive. Use words like “because.” The strength of the thesis lies in the words you choose.
  10. The length of your thesis should be limited to only one or two sentences. Any longer than that and it’s too rambling. Because your paper needs to be laser focused your thesis should be also. It should point down a narrow pathway and not meander all over the place.