10 Ideas To Get Started With Your Education Thesis Topics

The field of education is important as it helps us understand how to teach and educate others. There are various aspects that are explored in this field. In recent years there have been issues that increased in controversy such as homeschooling, school safety, and education costs that have made for interesting topics to research. In many cases, topic selection may deal with a problem society continues to find an appropriate solution for. There are others that raise awareness of issues we need to tackle. The following thesis topics in education are areas of interest that may help you come up with your own education topic.

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  1. What improvements can be made to preschool education? Should certain methods be changed or improved related to preschool development?
  2. Should preschool be required for young children? Should parents be required to teach certain skills at home if they decide not to have their child attend preschool?
  3. Do homeschooled children have a better advantage than children that attend public school? Are the benefits of homeschooling better than benefits of attending public schools?
  4. Are there benefits to giving kids homework? Some schools have decided not to give kids homework; do you think this will be effective?
  5. What do you think will happen if kids no longer were required to do homework assignments? Should kids be required to complete a certain amount of “in class work” if they will not be required to take class assignments home?
  6. Should students be required to take college prep courses if they have no intentions of attending college? Should students have to go to college after completing grade school?
  7. Should schools be segregated by race, religion, or sex? (all female or male school only) Do you think segregating schools would produce better academic performance among students?
  8. Should colleges and universities offer more education geared toward entrepreneurship? Should some degree programs be changed or altered to help students earn them sooner?
  9. How can college education be more affordable? Why does it take longer to pay off student loans than the time it took to complete school? Should a student be liable for paying student loans if they did not finish school or earn a degree?
  10. Are teachers more or less motivated to teach in today’s society versus 20 years ago? Are teachers fairly compensated as educators?