Picking The Best Dissertation Topic: A Manual For Students

Completing your dissertation will be one of the most difficult things you’ve done during your education. This is because the entire process will last for months and it will require daily hours of reading, writing, making research and editing. Of course, before you can think about all this you have to worry about the topic of your dissertation. If the subject is interesting, your professor will be much more indulgent when he will verify your text. You don’t know how to pick the best topic? Then follow this manual:

  • Check the requirements of your professor. In general, you have complete freedom when it comes to your dissertation, but your supervisor might have a few requirements. Before you choose any topic that is not suitable for you, discuss with him. Like it or not, he knows better than you which ideas are worth exploring. Furthermore, he knows what other professors want to see in your dissertation.

  • Discuss with some older students. I am sure you have a few friends who already graduated. They can tell you everything about their dissertation, how they chose the topic and how satisfied the teacher was with their choice. Also, pay attention to their mistakes. It is important to know what subjects to avoid, and how to handle some sensitive issues.

  • Think about your passions. Since you have to spend hours reading and writing about this subject, you have to be sure that you like it. During the years there were many interesting subjects for you, and now you have the chance to find out more about them. Besides, it’s always better if you have a strong personal opinion about the topic. It will be obvious that you have some previous knowledge about it, and people will be excited to read your dissertation.

  • Go on the Internet and search for inspiration. Sometimes nothing seems to work, and you can not find any good topic to write about. This is when you have to apply the last solution: searching on the Internet. You might not find the best information or the best examples, but for sure you will encounter unique topic ideas for your project. Even more, you have the chance to ask thousands of people to help you with your dissertation, and some of them are professionals. Remember to verify any information that you take from the Internet.