How To Get Dissertations About Art Completely For Free

If you need inspiration for a topic in your art dissertation then one of the best ways is to check out the work of previous students, whether those on the course you are taking or general papers from around the world. The best papers will point to questions left unanswered by the limitations of the previous researchers work.

In many cases to achieve a MA in art, the course is purely dissertation based and there is no course work on which to base your research. This makes finding the perfect topic for your paper a difficult prospect. The mind goes blank trying to think up not only an original idea but one that will interest you through the entire research and writing process. Imagine the horror of trying to fake interest in a subject over the course an entire research paper. Your attitude to the work will shine through in your choice of words; if you are bored then your work will be boring to read.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to complete the work involved; a paper researched and written at the last minute will never be your best work. A dissertation should be the high point of your academic career; a substandard paper will lose you marks.

With that in mind you should be looking for potential topics for your work as early as possible.

Paying to see enough past papers to formulate some ideas for your own work would end up very costly, so where might you find example of work for free?

Where to find samples

  • As soon as you have been assigned a supervisor then ask if you might see a copy of their dissertation. He or she achieved their current level of success from the quality of their paper. He or she may even feel complimented by your request.
  • Some colleges and universities make a point of publishing the best papers from the previous year on the department’s webpage. Whether you are looking at your home college or some other department you can be assured of the quality of this work.
  • Your college library is one of the best places to find copies of the work of all previous students, but here you may need to make a judgement about the quality of the work. But even in the worst paper there may be something that sparks an idea that will lead you to your topic.