Finding New Topics For Human Geography Dissertation- Create Them Yourself

Human Geography, also popularly known as cultural geography is a wide area of study. While its primary focus is global culture and similar other areas falling subsequently under its purview, it is a subject that requires precision and skill from the student’s part when it comes to selecting a topic for dissertation.

While cultural aspect is a predominant part of this particular field, religion, music, art and other elements also form an integral part. A student must carefully review the different areas of study and then select a topic that interests him the most.

Where to find new human geography dissertation topics?

While internet is the most popular source of study materials nowadays and student library also contains innumerable books on this subject, students often fail to understand which topic suits them the best and end up writing a bad quality dissertation work. This apart, the endless topics often confuses them.

    To save time and energy, here is a list of probable areas from where you can find a new human geography dissertation topic that will make your dissertation work even stronger. Have a look:

  • Students can gain some inputs from Obesogenic environments that include food, exercise and deprivation results among its studies. This particular human geography area is getting more popular owing to the anti-obesity trend in the global market.
  • Census study can help a student in deciding a relevant topic as well.
  • Areas that are less covered in this area like the effect of employment on the masses, the mobility of employees and other such topics.
  • Studies related to certain habits of human beings like excessive smoking or alcohol intake that has an adverse effect on the society.
  • At a time when concern of global warming is looming high, this area also has a lot of research matter.
  • Cultural areas like impact of globalization on certain societies, the way under developed countries are responding to the globalization trend, etc. are also wide and provide huge scope for research.

In case you are still not sure about the topic, and the options given above do not interest you, you can consider evaluating your area of interest first. One you do that, list the probable topics that come to your mind. You can also take the help of your professors or internet sources for the same. Human geography is not an exhaustive subject and hence you must always be open to new ideas to generate topics that are both persuasive and interesting.