Prepare for Doctorate writing and get your thesis done using amusing PhD comics

If you are struggling to write a dissertation for your PhD and need ideas, tips and tricks, then you should continue reading this. When you feel overwhelmed with the progress (or lack thereof) of your dissertation there are many tools you can use to refresh your mind and relax your body. One of these tricks is actually to make yourself laugh. Taking a break and laughing will increase your imagination and creativity. You can do that by reviewing amusing PhD comics online. Comics provide a great way to connect with others who have been in your very shoes. It reminds you that you are not alone and that other people understand your struggle (even if your mom and dad don’t).

It is important to have some breaks while you compose the dissertation. It will be a very difficult task to sit down and compose the entire dissertation without taking rests and breaks though it might seem appealing to you. Experts advice that you work in bits of 45 minutes to the maximum. This will ultimately help you come up with an excellent document that you can be proud of without a lot of pressure. In between the breaks, you should take time to prepare some coffee, watch an episode of a movie and walk around your office. Use this break time to do something you love but not the internet. It should mostly be used away from the computer. To ensure that you are productive enough, it is important to use a timer so you don’t exceed the time that you have set for yourself.

On the other hand, if you are working for a few sessions at a time, it is recommended that you take reasonable time breaks (10 minutes) between working. In addition to that you may need some help getting started and finding the right topic for your PhD thesis paper. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you in all this.

  • What has been the role of tech on productivity?
  • What are ways in which businesses can address cultural differences in the workplace?
  • In terms of business relationships, how can leadership play a part?
  • What are the major changes in an ecosystem near you?
  • What are your comments on a physician who helped someone commit suicide?