Effective guidelines for finding a sample PhD dissertation

A PhD dissertation is creation of writing that a student creates to prove that they are worthy for their academic degree and professional credentials for the field they have been studying in for the last several years.  One document that can make or break their career.  It is something that time and hard work goes into to create.  One thing that the first-time author of a dissertation can do is look at sample works to develop a better idea of how to complete the task.

Using a guideline for the creation of a PhD dissertation is a wise move for the first-time author.  It serves as a starting point.  One mistake anyone can makes, is not knowing how to start.  A sample piece can correct that mistake.  But finding a sample piece that hold the answer to this problem needs some direction as well.  A writer can’t just pick up a dissertation and all the problems are solved.  There is a process to finding the sample PhD dissertation that will be the most effective help for a writer.


  • The writer will need to look for samples that are in the same subject they will be writing about.  A dissertation in medicine will look and be different than one that is in English.  If the medical student looks at the English sample the will be missing the mark.
  • The creator of the dissertation will need to look at the samples, which holds the same types of information.  If tables or other infographics are going to be included in the creator’s dissertation, then the sample they reference should also have these infographics.
  • The writer of the dissertation needs to look at samples that are recent.  Formats and requirements can change from year to year, so if the writer looks at an old sample the format may have to be adjusted in order for the dissertation to be correct.

These guidelines will be extremely effective in regards to finding sample PhD dissertations.  They are composed with the idea of finding sample papers, to help the student find a sample to both compare their work to and have a guide to format their original work off of.   For a first-time author of a PhD dissertation, having that sample can be instrumental to creating a work that they are not mortified by.  Maybe even creating a dissertation, that they are proud of, even years down the road.