Where can I find a PhD thesis sample for free

It is not a secret that writing a PhD thesis is a challenging task. Since so many students benefit from seeing samples, PhD students benefit from see sample thesis projects. Unfortunately, professors do not give their students samples. This means that students are on their own to find a useable sample. No matter where you find a sample, you should never use any part of the paper in your own project. If you do, you run a very high risk of being accused of plagiarism. Here are a few places you can go to find a high quality PhD thesis, for free:

Online Database: Most universities have online databases for the major projects that their students have completed. These databases should be open to all students who are working on their master’s PhD projects. You might need a password or special code to get into the databases. These might be available through your university’s library or through your thesis project adviser. When you look through the online database, it can be helpful to pick a paper that is about a completely different topic so you will not be tempted to use any of the text in your project.

Writing Website: These are the websites that students go to to hire someone to write an essay for them. While you should not hire anyone to write your thesis for you, you can use these sites to find free papers. Some of the best sites offer very good examples that anyone can use for free. Since these are available online for anyone to use, they will show up on plagiarism-checking software. You can use these to study the formatting and paragraphing structure that the writers use. Thesis projects on writing websites are usually written by professional writers, so you can trust that they are going to be written with very few, if any, errors.

University online writing labs: These online labs are usually sponsored by colleges and universities, but are accessible to anyone who needs writing help. The labs are not manned with tutors, but they have substantial tutorials and many of them are accompanied with samples. You might be able to find an entire PhD thesis or pieces of a sample that you can use to help you construct your thesis. Along with the samples, there will be explanations so you know exactly what to write in that section of the paper.