Online Topics for Thesis Papers Can Be Really Helpful for You

A thesis paper must be a presentation of your own original thought; nevertheless, looking online can be a useful tool in developing a topic for your thesis paper. Coming up with an original idea is not as difficult as you might think.

One way to come up with topics for thesis papers, without having to spend hours searching through books, is to dine topics via the Internet. You may not know, but there are tons of interesting topics out there that would be perfect for thesis papers, no matter what class you’re writing it for. From serious topics to more laidback ones, you are guaranteed to find just the one you are looking for with all the options out there online.

Now, of course new ideas do exist. Mark Twain was a humorist. Humorists provoke people to think about the world from new perspectives. If we take Mark Twain’s approach to coming up with new ideas, you can begin to see just how helpful an online search can be. Find some old ideas, then mix and match.

How to use an online search to generate new ideas:

  •      Make a list of topics from your studies. Come up with at least ten topics.
  •      Write those topics out on pieces of paper and randomly put them two at a time into a search engine.
  •       Take a look at the search results and write down any questions that come to mind.
  •       Repeat the process until you have a question that you find really compelling.

Remember that during the creative process you ought to suspend judgment. That does not mean by any measure that you should be looking for the crazy, way-out ideas, but if something crazy happens to come up in the early stages, don’t discard it until you get to the judgment phase of the process.

Type a  question in your search engine and see what you get back. If you are looking to write a masters thesis and it turns out someone has already written a book that exactly answers your question, then keep looking. If you are going to write a thesis paper for a class and you come across a book that answers your question, then read the book and use it as one of the sources in your bibliography for your thesis paper.