Marketing Dissertation Topics: Getting Handle On Millions Of Ones

If you are writing a marketing thesis but do not know where to find any examples you might consider some of the examples for topics below:

  • How can the company the company charge a premium price over their rival companies such as
  • Why has the loyal card scheme for the company Tesco been more successful than its competitors?
  • Can luxury goods retailers stop customers from switching to another company and how?
  • What influence does product quality have on customer loyalty?
  • How can retailers cope with the polygamous behavior of customers?
  • What are the expectations and motivations for loyalty schemes?

Look over the examples that are provided above and see if anything strikes you. Maybe you can use one of them for your thesis. Maybe you can change a few of the words but still use the general idea. Maybe reading over the examples above has given you the inspiration you need to develop your own thesis. In any case it is best to review them until you have a great thesis. Once you do you might be required to submit a thesis proposal to your advisor. This is a short proposal that explains what your thesis is and what resources you will use. Sometimes you need to include a short bit of information on available research that shows you have at least looked into the subject (though not thoroughly yet) and that you know there is adequate information out there for you to research the thesis fully. This should be drafted as a formal document.

Do not be afraid of the thesis proposal. It is becoming a more and more common item associated with a thesis or dissertation. It is meant to help you. So often academics become enraptured by an idea and begin researching it only to find that the topic was too narrow for their page requirements or too broad. In some cases they find that there is not enough research out there for them to even begin. The proposal is meant to stop these events from happening before they happen. Your advisor is your friend. They are there to advise and you help you. They will look over your proposal and determine if any of the above situations might apply to you. If they do then the advisor will help you to alter your thesis in a way that alleviates that risk and gives you something solid on which to write.