Tips and Tricks for Students: Mergers and Acquisitions Dissertation Topics

In the world of big business the merger and the acquisition drive the industry. Consider as you write your dissertation focusing on one of those ideas for your argument. Gaining a full understanding of the infrastructure of a merger or an acquisition makes you a desirable candidate to any employee. Not understanding the concepts and functionality of mergers and acquisitions could be disastrous.


Before you begin to write about mergers, you need to fully understand them. There exist 5 different types: the conglomerate merger, horizontal merger, market extension merger, vertical merger, and product extension merger. You have know what the type involves, how to explain it, and be able to give examples of it.

Do not move ahead on a dissertation concerning mergers until you have a 100% understanding of each type of business combination. Within each of the five merger types there are also important subheadings. For example, there are 2 different types of conglomerate mergers: the pure and the mixed.

Be prepared to argue some aspect of mergers and how they impact the business world. Use historic mergers as examples, as well as trending and current incidents. Interview any parties involved if at all possible.


There are also many types of acquisitions. Again, do not move ahead with any topic or research until you can fully understand and explain the different kinds. You will find they vary from business field to field. For example in the technology forum it is widely recognized that there are three types of acquisitions:

  • Tech- when the one acquiring is seeking a specific employee or team
  • Talent-when the one acquiring wants a product or skill the company has
  • Business-when the one acquiring want the money that comes with the company for financial gains

Research your field and find the types of acquisitions. Then decide how you will approach the topic within your field. Always include relevant and industry changing acquisitions in your dissertation paper. Also include new or recent business acquisitions in the paper.

Lacking a complete understanding of mergers and acquisitions can be your downfall. You will not impress anyone with incorrect or irrelevant material and support in your dissertation. Do your research before you begin your business dissertation or mergers and acquisitions. Make sure to meet often with your advisor and keep up to date on the ever-changing world of business.